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Be Show Ready is a foundational plan designed to offer direction and support to bring balance to your Whole Person. The 5-weeks of lessons progressively layer and build on each other so the journey to becoming show ready is not overwhelming. Benefits of the program are: greater awareness, more confidence, wellness, and the start of a foundation to sustain work and life balance. What you can expect over the next 5 Weeks: =>Each week will contain 3 parts: Lesson, Weekly Worksheet Download, Meditation Download =>Every 7 days, a new week's lesson and downloads will be available online. =>The time commitment is what you make of it - The beginning of your week’s lessons are based on the day you signed up and will open up every 7 days until the end of the program. The lessons available at the beginning of each week can be referenced at any time once they’ve opened up. The meditation and worksheets are intended to be practiced daily. Program Outline: =>Week 1: Develop a practice to bring space and awareness to the mind. =>Week 2: Establish a routine physical activity practice to support the =>mind and body. =>Week 3: Learn to eat in a colorful way to bring more energy to your day. =>Week 4: Discover and get in alignment with your most important values. =>Week 5: Integrate the previous weeks and Identify how you can show up and Be Show Ready.

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Seth Barker
Seth Barker

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