Seth Barker

Whole Person Coach, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Instructor 
Meditation Teacher
Ayurvedic Lifestyle Instructor 

Services Offered:

  • Life Coaching

  • Spiritual Coaching

  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching

  • Meditation Coaching


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"I embarked on a journey with Seth about a year ago. My path has changed so much!

I don’t drink, smoke, or take antidepressants anymore.

My heart and mind have expanded.

My career focus has changed with my new outlook on life.

Thanks to my walk with Seth my body mind and soul has greater peace and wisdom."

Virginia Smith / Wardrobe

"My work with Seth Barker came at a time when I most needed someone to help guide my journey.  I was laid off from my job as a conductor on a national tour of a musical, and I was considering a career shift.  

Seth knew how to ask the right questions to help me use my strengths to start down a path of self-discovery.  

He is a loving, nurturing soul who has a desire and the skills to

help people to be their best selves."

Cathy Venable / Associate Conductor / Disneys Frozen