Sustainability for the Arts: Be Show Ready

Blog Article first published on Theatre Art Life

We never thought the arts could be this vulnerable. COVID has given us many challenges throughout the year, and a lot of time has passed since we’ve had to think about being in peak show condition. As shows and companies make new operating procedures to support the arts to get back into the studio and on stage, it’s up to us as artists to create our plan to get show ready. Maybe we haven’t had access to the tools and methods to keep ourselves show-ready. Perhaps we’re uncertain and not sure where or how to begin. The time we have all anticipated is here. It’s time to Be Show Ready!

We all know what it feels like to come back to work from a vacation. It’s harder to get back into the groove, and it takes time to acclimate. COVID has been far from a vacation, but the same effects of time away may be more significant. We are in a new situation, with new things to encounter, and we need to be sure that our Whole Person is Sustainable. We do that by bringing balance to the mind, focusing on strengthening and preparing our bodies, having a solid foundation of values to operate from, and understanding how to balance our energy. Habits and practices such as proper sleep, grounding, meditation, optimal nutrition, physical activity, and balancing our emotions play an integral role in all four of the categories listed below:

  1. Mind – Developing a practice to bring space to the mind and bring us into the present moment helps us navigate a sometimes challenging world with more clarity, ease, and grace. We become less reactive and more responsive to what a problem truly is. When we develop more patience, we lay the foundation for things to flow more easily.

  2. Body – Our body is a direct representation of what we eat and the thoughts in our mind. When we practice healthy lifestyle choices such as eating to support the mind and body, restorative sleep and ensuring our bodies are mobile, flexible, stable, and strong, we bring more clarity, confidence, and mindfulness to Be Show Ready.

  3. Soul Work – We operate at our best when we know and align with our most important values. Taking the time before going back to work to discover your values will have you on a solid foundation to embrace any opportunities or tackle any challenges.

  4. Energy – Boundaries play an essential role when it comes to overextending or underperforming. Before getting back to the show, know what triggers your best and worst self. Having this level of honesty with yourself will help you grow towards showing up as your best.

The entertainment industry thrives on collaboration and teamwork. When each of us does our part to better ourselves and be prepared, we’re setting the trajectory for a successful and sustainable re-opening.

It all starts with your intention to commit to yourself and the arts community. Once we have our intention set, we need to keep our energy and attention on the goal – Be Show Ready. Distractions will happen, but your awareness of these distractions will be the biggest motivation you can bring towards keeping your attention focused on your intention. With your intention and attention aligned, make a small move. A small move will turn into bigger moves, and before you know it, you’ll be back doing what you love from a healthier, grounded, and sustainable place.

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